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EII Slots provides comprehensive refurbishing of slot machines. Our staff performs a 16-point inspection where all the slot parts are repaired and restored to mint condition. All of our refurbished slots are parts complete and casino floor ready.

Process for EII Refurbished Slots

First, the refurbished slots are cleaned inside and out. Our slot technicians replace any light bulbs that may be burnt on the slot machines. If needed, the game chips are updated to the latest version. The CPU board in the slot machine is inspected and battery is tested for performance. The hopper coin knife and star wheel is checked for wear and tear. If needed, the hopper is replaced in the slot machine. Our slot technician removes any extra wiring, player tracking, etc. All old player tracking holes are thoroughly blocked with black ABS or chrome plate. Then the slot machines are tested for proper payout. If needed the coin optic sensor is cleaned/replaced. The bill acceptor head is restored and head transport belts are adjusted/replaced. Our slot technician inspects the stepper motors for optimum efficiency. Jackpot reset switch is checked for proper operation and replaced as needed. Then our inspector reviews the slot technician's work to ensure that all of our refurbished slots are floor ready plug and play condition. If you would like more information on EII Slots refurbishing of slot machines, please Contact Us. We take great pride in our refurbished slots, which has helped us become one of the leading refurbished slots dealer in the United States and Worldwide.

EII Slots maintains a staff of highly trained technicians possessing superior expertise in all facets of the gaming industry. In addition to providing turn-key casino services, our technical services include ALL aspects of gaming assistance. EII Slots offers casino consulting services to bring any size casino project from start to finish. Contact EII Slots by calling (954) 747-1295, by fax (954) 747-1297 or Contact Us, and one of our customer service representatives will call you back within 48 hours.

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